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We’re a design team of three creative sisters. Running a shop in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin since 2013.

We have a passion for custom painting & transforming kitchen cabinets & furniture. We can help give your kitchen

“The Heart of your Home" a fresh new look!

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A quick & affordable upgrade will help add value to your home.

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Imagine, Design & Create!


We love helping our customers one on one in our shop! You too can have an amazing makeover!


       Perks of Rethunk Junk 

             by Laura Paint!

  • No Sanding – No Priming – No Waxing!!

  • Incredible Adhesion and Maximum Durability

  • Stronger Weather Resistance For Outdoor Use

  • Smooth Finish

  • Still Low VOC, Super Safe, Eco Friendly

  • You will LOVE these products!